Business Early Warning

Looking out for your business

Now more than ever, organisations and businesses, even countries, need to be alert to what’s going on around them.  Maybe it’s an essential part of what they do – such as monitoring unregulated pharmaceutical sales – or is to give early warning of emerging competitive threats or disruptions – or perhaps, as in the recent global pandemic, to track, interpret and manage a crisis as it unfolds.

In today’s dynamic world, awash with data, opinion and botnet-driven ‘fake news’, is it possible to filter out the noise, to focus in on what matters most and trigger the best response?

At RED Scientific we have developed a flexible end-to-end approach based on our:

  1. Deep experience of the proven Direct/Collect/Process/Disseminate Military Intelligence Cycle and success factors for defence early warning;
  2. Proprietary ‘Unique’ software to target, gather, fuse and prioritise data from almost any source – whether internal to an organisation or from across the Surface, Deep or Dark web –  and present it for expert assessment;
  3. Knowledge of business contingency and civil emergency good practice. In particular, we believe that successful Business EW requires processes to ensure that business alerts are trusted and acted upon and, for major risks, response plans have been developed, tested and drilled.

The RED approach;

  1. Is focussed on what matters – whether competitive risks, major disruptive events or tracking illegal activity;
  2. Sifts gold from the data spoil-heap – Constantly scans and filters a vast array of internal and external data sources for relevant emerging risks and trends;
  3. Acts as a ‘force multiplier’ for business analysis experts – Provides clear visualisations of priority risks, issues or targets to focus on;
  4. Ensures action follows insight – We work with our clients to ensure the right business processes are in place for alerts to inform business decisions and, where appropriate, responses are planned and practiced.

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