RED Scientific

RED is a long established FATS provider and one of only a small number of SME organisations who regularly engage on this framework.

FATS can be used by the MOD and wider Government acquisition community for the effective procurement of technical support. This means buying technical support where it doesn’t exist in house for the following:

  • Technical Studies.  Research based activities including studies, prototyping and technical demonstrators.
  • Technical Support. Project based activities including technical services, concept design and development, in-service support activities and operational support.
  • Engineering Support. Task based activities including Post Design Services (PDS), calibration, analysis and integration.

RED is one of the largest category holders on the current FATS Design and Engineering (D&E) framework.

Additionally, the Specialist Technical Support (STS) Broad Capability Areas held by RED are:

  • Platforms, Weapons & Energetic Materials
  • Airworthiness Management
  • Safety Management
  • Environmental Management
  •  Maritime Safety