Key RED market sectors are:

  • Defence
  • Central Government
  • Government Agencies
  • UK Industry
  • Worldwide Aviation and Defence
  • European Research


RED provides services to the MoD and its Agencies, including the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), the Defence Nuclear Organisation (DNO) and the Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA) . Much of the work conducted by RED consists of Research and Development or Technical Support away from the Customers’ sites on a fixed price basis. The mainstay of the work is technical studies, analysis and support undertaken by our growing in-house team but also utilising sub-contracts from amongst members of the RED Network.

This type of work contributes to a large percentage of RED’s revenue and we are increasingly forming new teams to respond to new customer challenges.

In addition, RED undertakes MoD-related work on customer sites through Manpower Enabling Contracts such as the Crown Commercial CL1 arrangement (soon to be replaced by the new Public Sector Resourcing Framework). These contracting vehicles exists to service peak technical manpower demands which cannot be resourced by MoD internally. RED maintains a large pool of security cleared technical resources to support this demand as well as providing the business with excellent resources to support project teams.

Central Government & Agencies

RED has undertaken work for a number of central government departments and government Agencies including Department of Transport, DEFRA, Home Office, Cabinet Office, the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), Department for Business, Innovation and Skills/DTI. Offerings include operational and statistical analysis, qualitative and quantitative analysis, Open-source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering, data modelling and a range of other decision support services.

Of late, RED has supported the BBC and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratories with Operational Research, Mathematical Modelling and Safety.

UK Industry

Much of RED’s work for UK Industry is within the Defence and Security Sector, with the ultimate Customer being the UK Government. Within the Research area, larger contracts often stipulate that a percentage of the work should be undertaken by SMEs and as a result RED is a regular research partner to many prime organisations.

The two main Defence Primes for MoD Research funding are QinetiQ and BAE Systems and both seek to include a number of SMEs in their proposals. Thus, RED are members of 4 BAE Systems and 3 QinetiQ-led Research Contracts.

Worldwide Aviation & Defence

RED Scientific’s personnel have world-class expertise with Airborne Delivery of stores and troops to the battlefield. As specialists with all UK MOD in-Service Airborne Equipment systems and their principles of operation, RED Scientific can offer a broad range of advice from their skilled Airborne Equipment Engineers and experienced users.

European Research

European Commission research projects were an important area for RED with the company winning and acting as coordinator on four major contracts and gaining valuable insight into the bidding formula for winning work in this area.

RED remain open to returning to this market depending upon the outcome of Brexit negotiations.

RED is also registered with the European Space Agency (ESA) which will endure regardless of the outcome of Brexit.

RED Routes to Market

Within these market sectors, RED uses a focused series of routes to market that allow us to work with our customers. Some of these require our qualification for Frameworks and others use various customer-led Programmes, however, RED uses the most pragmatic mechanism for contracting available for a given market. A summary of these is:

MOD DE&S Framework Agreement for Technical Support (FATS)

Pan-Government with Defence focus


RED is a long established FATS provider and one of only a small number of SME organisations who regularly engage on this framework.

FATS can be used by the MOD and wider Government acquisition community for the effective procurement of technical support. This means buying technical support where it doesn’t exist in house for the following:

  • Technical Studies.  Research based activities including studies, prototyping and technical demonstrators.
  • Technical Support. Project based activities including technical services, concept design and development, in-service support activities and operational support.
  • Engineering Support. Task based activities including Post Design Services (PDS), calibration, analysis and integration.

RED is one of the largest category holders on the current FATS Design and Engineering (D&E) framework.

Additionally, the Specialist Technical Support (STS) Broad Capability Areas held by RED are:

  • Platforms, Weapons & Energetic Materials
  • Airworthiness Management
  • Safety Management
  • Environmental Management
  •  Maritime Safety

Dstl Analysis Support Construct

BAE Systems CORDA Managed Framework on behalf of Dstl


This Framework replaced Dstl’s separate Think Tank, Operational Analysis (OA) & Cost Frameworks. The four areas covered are:

  • Lot 1. Policy & Strategy Decision Support
  • Lot 2. Enterprise Level Decision Support
  • Lot 3. Capability & Investment Decision Support
  • Lot 4. Operational Analysis (OA) Methods, Models & Tools

RED is a Tier one supplier on this Framework and provides Customer Friend support in the areas of Strategy & Policy and the Joint Military Environment.

The framework is available for use by wider government.

Niteworks Partnership

BAE Systems managed Partnership on behalf of MOD


Niteworks LogoNiteworks is a partnership between the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), including the Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (Dstl), and Industry.

The Programme provides decision support to enhance current and future capability and ensure that capability decisions are informed by relevant subject-matter expertise. Activities include: Requirements Definition, Cost/Capability Trade-Offs, Cross DLOD-Trades, Concept Capability Demonstrators, Experimentation, Modelling & Visualisation.

RED has been a Niteworks partner since July 2009.

MOD ISTAR Concepts and Solutions Programme

QinetiQ managed Programme on behalf of Dstl (MOD)


The ISTAR Concepts and Solutions (ICS) Programme was initiated in July 2011 by the ISTAR and Sensors (I&S) Domain within the Defence Science and Technology (DST) Programme Office, part of Dstl.  ICS will enable Science and Technology to take a whole-systems approach in addressing MOD Unified Customer problems and issues across the ISTAR enterprise.

C4ISR Secure Information Infrastructure & Services R&D Services Framework

QinetiQ managed Framework on behalf of MOD


Provision of research in Command Control, Communications, Computing, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) including Network services, Communications, Information assurance, Knowledge Management and information exploitation.

Contingent Labour ONE (CL1) Framework

Pan Government Framework


Operated by the Neutral Vendor, Capita Business Services, RED supports Lot 1: Interim Managers and Specialist Contractors.


Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS2)

Crown Commercial Services Pan Government Framework


The public sector can use the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework on the Digital Marketplace to find digital specialists to help them deliver a digital project.

Digital Outcomes and Specialists services include:

  • Digital Outcomes – like an accessibility audit or a beta of an NHS appointment booking system
  • Digital Specialists – like product managers or developers
  • User Research Labs – that provide facilities to carry out interviews and usability tests
  • User Research Participants – who take part in interviews and usability tests

RED is a supplier on the Digital Outcomes and Digital Specialists services.

Research Cloud (R-Cloud)



RED is registered on the R-Cloud framework in the following areas:

  • Human Capability, which covers areas including: Personnel, Human Factors Integration and Understanding and influencing human behaviour.
  • C4ISR, in areas including: Command and Control, C4ISR Systems and Experimentation, Information Processing, Communications, Sensors and Intelligence & GEOINT.
  • Cyber, which covers Cyber Defence of MoD Platforms and Systems & Situational Awareness of Cyber-Space.
  • Platform Systems, which is divided into themes that include: Underpinning Capabilities; Systems Engineering (SE) & Integration; Defence Architectures; Information & Intelligence SE; Software SE; Navigation Systems
  • Research into Counter Terrorism and Security, which is divided into several themes: Device Diagnostics and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Explosives Detection and Identification, Neutralise and Counter Terrorist Networks.
  • Integrated Survivability, covering four themes: Integrating capabilities, including modelling & simulation; Susceptibility, the avoidance of detection and engagement; Vulnerability, the survival if hit & Recoverability, the ability to reconstitute military functions.

Cyber Security Services Framework

Pan Government Framework with multiple suppliers


The Cyber Security Services 2 framework is an EU compliant and regulated route to market for buyers from across central government and the wider public sector, to buy National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) certified cyber security services.

The Crown Commercial Services (CCS), together with the NCSC, have expanded the certified services on offer in this iteration of the agreement, to better meet the current needs of public sector organisations. Services available are split across 4 lots:

  • Lot 1: Certified Cyber Consultancy
    • 1.1 Risk Assessment
    • 1.2 Risk Management
    • 1.3 Security Architecture
    • 1.4 Audit and Review
    • 1.5 Incident Management
  • Lot 2: Penetration Testing (CHECK)
  • Lot 3: Cyber Incidents (CIR)
  • Lot 4: Tailored Evaluation (CTAS)

RED is currently on the framework in Lot 1, with sub-Lots 1.1, 1.2 & 1.4 at Stage 1.

Home Office

Home Office


Research and Analysis services to Home Office, Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA). RED is a preferred supplier having previously been a Framework supplier pre ConsultancyONE.

Defra & Food Standards Agency



RED is a preferred supplier of Research and Analysis services to Defra and the Food Standards Agency having previously been a Framework supplier to WRAP.

Progeny Maritime Research Framework (PMRF)

QinetiQ managed framework on behalf of Dstl


This framework replaces Dstl’s MarCE framework.

PMRF has been established to underpin delivery of the UK’s maritime S&T capability from within Dstl and the wider MoD.

Its purpose is to provide a flexible, enduring and responsive contracting mechanism to deliver maritime-related S&T, enabled by the breadth of relevant capabilities which exist across Industry and Academia.