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The RED business model is diverse and inclusive – we can accommodate almost any form of enterprise in our work and we regularly team with other companies, academia and research organisations, as well as micro businesses.  Associates and partners who join the RED Network are able to support our diverse Routes to Market.  As well as a number of preferred supplier relationships, RED focuses on securing a diverse range of Frameworks, some highlights of which are discussed on our Sectors page.

At a time when Government is discouraged from favouring only Prime relationships and mandated to support SME participation in the supply chain, we have found that having the right frameworks, with as broad a coverage as possible allows business development without the high cost of sales teams.  The opportunities we see via our frameworks allow us join with members of our network as partners or subcontractors to form teams to undertake tasks.

As well as supporting large defence and aerospace Primes, RED has itself acted as prime with these larger organisations subcontracted to RED. Examples have included QinetiQ, Boeing UK, Halcrow Fox and others.

Once we understand your capabilities, we can explore new opportunities for assembling a team with the ideal experience and know-how to delight a potential customer.


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Security Clearances

For smaller organisations, RED is able to sponsor and hold security clearances so that we can work with you on certain defence-based opportunities. If you would like to discuss this further, please get in touch with us using the link below.

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