RED Scientific

What we do

RED is a privately owned and independent scientific research, technical support and manpower consultancy to Government, Defence & Industry.

Incorporated in 1990, RED is certified to BS ISO 9001:2015 and Cyber Essentials Plus.

RED’s core capabilities include:

  • Operational Research:
    • Analysis;
    • Mathematical Modelling;
    • Investment Appraisal & Decision Support;
    • Operations Improvement.
  • Software and Systems Engineering:
    • Systems Engineering Management;
    • Algorithm and Software Development;
    • Systems Development;
    • COTS Sensor Integration.
  • Supportability:
    • Integrated Logistic Support and Analysis;
    • Security and Information Assurance;
    • Safety and Environmental Consulting;
    • Quality & Management System Development.
  • Technical & Consultancy Services:
    • Manpower Substitution across all domains and disciplines.

How we work

RED is a technical support, research and consultancy company and a long term supplier of specialist technical and management resources to both Defence and Central Government.

Where appropriate, RED utilises a collaborative trading model supporting:

  • Staff;
  • Associates;
  • SMEs and Micro SMEs;
  • Academia.

To enable us to do this we maintain close relationships with a large number of associates and organisations to provide specialist support. RED often partners with large primes, other SMEs and Universities to develop consortia to meet specific customer needs and we have close relationships with some strategic partners.

RED Scientific has relationships with departments and schools from a number of UK Universities, covering many areas of expertise. These partnerships enable us to offer access to some of the leading experts in their fields.

We are always interested to hear from new associates and organisations seeking opportunities and effective routes to market for their skills and experience.